You wouldn’t believe me if you knew me, but you probably do Not!

I have been abroad over a couple of weeks with my son, we went to
The Gambia with his music school.
I was with them to film, photograph and to capture the atmosphere of what they did.

But of course I had some spare time, enjoying alot of other stuff to!

So what did I do!
Well back home I went to ND, the skin and shape store to get me another look.
I wanted to try to be black! yes, and I found some totally Gorgeous shape and
skin. Sooo what happened!

Well as you all know I have tons of different avatars, everything from animals to aliens.
A real Shape shifter I am. So for me this wouldn’t be so hard!

But for some reason, I really don’t know why. It felt totally wrong!
It might be because I just came home from Gambia, or just because I feel I cannot measure up
so to speak!

I met this gorgeous people, fantastic human beings with such amazing souls, and just as
I tried to ”be like them” I totally failed.
I cannot be like them, they are something so special and so Unique..

I fell inlove with the people, but cannot be ”one of them” .
You just gotta believe me when I tell you this:
I thought I could be anything in SL, and I just found out I cannot!

Hugs to YOU all 🙂 STAY COOL!

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Just an Ordinary Person!


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