What could be mooooore exciting then a real Swedish Christmas Festival.
Sooo off I went, and OMG this day has been amazing! In more ways then one!

Im not always blending in that good, BUT THIS DAY HAS BEEN GREAT!

Lördag/saturday 17 december

13-15  Julkul med Jändan & Semlan. Med bland annat Rimstuga! Christmas Fun with Jändan & Semlan. Including Christmas rhymes! Helping them with the task was Lars Vegas and Ix Heron, doing a teriffic job. YAY

15-17  Peppe & Rultan spelar galna julsånger vid skridskobanan Peppe & Rultan play mad carols at the skating rink Super … As always Rultan and Peppe delivers great music and sweet talk. And while they where doing that i took the opportunity to make some videoshoots of the ”christmas spirit” so to speak…  Video on YOU Tube soon.

19-20  Conor Savage på Gimles Scen, LIVE Conor Savage at Gimles Stages, LIVE

Bio RL: Kevin Tyler; born Jan.14, 1955 in Flint Michigan. Started playing highland bagpipes at 10 years of age, learned guitar at 16, and suddenly realized I could sing somewhat. Regular performer at the Michigan Renaissance Festival in Holly Twp., Michigan.

Performing in SL on a regular basis and plays the 12 string like a God 🙂


20-22  Ix på Euroclub DJ Ix Heron at EuroClub PARTYYYYYYYYYY Amazing Guy, sweet and handsome! Plays EuroVision Music, and TODAY Swedish Tunes YAY! Awesome mix, Thank You Ix for making my Day perfect! More to come but I just had to log out to EAT!!!!

Luv YOU Guys and Dolls, YOU are amazing ! Hugzzz and kisses

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