My Flickr account is really simple.

fanfanbabii 4

I take loads of Portraits in SL
And one of the Best things is that I style people for money.

Linden Dollar that is

The coolest with this is that I can create an almost new avatar just adding some features
or even just eyes. Yes you know what I am talking about. Small simple steps and voilá
you are complete.


For all of you that think THIS IS EASY, why bother even read about it.
Well , again I say this. The taste and abilities u bring with you into SL can only be better,
stronger and more beautiful.
But if you DO not have any taste what so ever.
You probably need some help or you might be satisfied with what YOU are.
However, there are 100 of Cool makeover and photographers in SL. Grab hold on one
and let it happen.

gone fishing

Its all in the mix of things. The background, the add ons, the make up, the lighting.
Yes you name it. You know what I mean. Some people do not care. But most DO!

You can easily see above the difference between the Avatars, but if I told you that they where
one and the same?
Just different styles and a bit of tweeeeeking 😉

vamp in space

I do wonder sometimes if Im not tired ”playing” barbie.. but Nahhhhhhh. I luv it 😉

Huggzz and kisses me firends

Om fanfanbabii

Just an Ordinary Person!


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